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Just got Bionic, messed up the flash to Page Plus? Need Help ASAP, PLEASE!

This is a discussion on Just got Bionic, messed up the flash to Page Plus? Need Help ASAP, PLEASE! within the Droid Bionic Help forums, part of the Droid Bionic Support category; So, I recently went into a Mobile Phone Pros store at my nearest mall, just browsing around. I had owned a jailbroken iPhone 4S for ...

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    Exclamation Just got Bionic, messed up the flash to Page Plus? Need Help ASAP, PLEASE!

    So, I recently went into a Mobile Phone Pros store at my nearest mall, just browsing around. I had owned a jailbroken iPhone 4S for over a year until this day. About a week prior, I lost my jailbreak because iTunes wouldn't let me restore my phone because I had a password on it. Basically, was Forced to update to iOS 6.1.3, lost my JB, and my mind, and was uber pissed. So after that happened, I knew I would have to tolerate my crappy stock iPhone 4S until iOS 7's release sometime in the fall. I did have an HTC Droid Eris before I got the iPhone, but that was only for a short time, and it was BEYOND slow, and I hated the little trackball on it. It was on an extremely early version of Android OS. So that's the backstory...sorry. Fast forward to the day in MPP, I am looking at phones they have there, and I see a few that catch my eye. I ask if I trade my 4S in towards a new phone, what do I get? He said $200 credit toward a new phone in here. I looked up specs on the 3 phones I was looking at (the LG Spectrum, Samsung Charge, and the Droid Bionic), and had decided that the best of the 3 was the Bionic XT875. Especially because it was slightly cheaper than the Spectrum, and was also newer. So that evening, I go back and trade my iPhone in for the Bionic. The kid in the store couldn't flash my new phone to Page Plus, which I had my iPhone on for about 6 months. There was a guy downstairs, who had a "phone repair and flashing" kiosk type thing, and a t-shirt shop right next to it. Yeah, one of those guys who can barely speak English. So I ask him how much it'll cost to flash my new Droid Bionic to my Page Plus account, and he said $25. Told me that 4 times, including earlier in the day, before I left then went back to buy it.
    So, after I traded my phone in and whatnot, got a case and a screen protector, spent about $40 in all, figured it wasn't bad, since I had been told that kiosk dude would Definitely be able to flash my phone, no problem, that he does it for MPP's customers all the time, since they can't flash 4G LTE phones, even just using 3G. So I took it downstairs, and he told me to give him a half hour. I go back, and he's on the phone, talking to people, and my phone is just sitting there. Then he finally said "this one a tricky guy. You not tell me Bionic earlier. That one that eh, tricky for flash on Page Plus. Come back in about 20 minute, I have it all ready for you." So, extremely annoyed at this point, I went and ate with my girlfriend, then went back. He hands me the phone and says it works. Calls his phone from it, texts back and forth from my phone to his, whatever. Then tells me $55!! I almost freaked out, but we'll leave that part out for now lol. So that night, I get home, phone seems okay...I send a MMS message to my girlfriend, and the number that shows up for her to reply to is NOT my number. I went into my settings > about phone > status...and goes as follows...
    Battery: discharging (normal)
    **Network: Unknown (my iPhone on Page Plus had full 3G, and showed that it was running Verizon 14.0. This instantly worried me. But it gets worse.)
    *Network Type & Strength: 1x = -72dBm (I have NO clue what that means exactly. I know a bit about 1x data, and it's beyond slow)
    Service State: In service (normal also)
    Roaming: Not Roaming (normal)
    Mobile network state: Connected (probably a good thing lol)
    *** RED FLAG *** "MY" Phone Number: I won't put it on here, but it's certainly NOT my number!! This worried me. Still does, so I need help!)
    *** MIN *** : Same as the above - INCORRECT - Phone number, without the dashes in it. Lovely...
    PRL Version: 15154 (no clue what this means)
    ERI version: 5 (again, no clue)
    MEID: I believe it's the same one that was on my iPhone 4S. The kid in the MPP store told me all I needed for him to flash it was my MEID/ESN and phone number.
    IMEI: Same as MEID Number with a 9 added at the end.
    ICCID: Long number and I don't know what this is either.
    IP Address: (looks okay)
    Wi-Fi Mac Address: Unavailable (I don't have Wi-Fi at home anyway, but it does pick up Wi-Fi beautifully and runs like a beast when it does)
    Bluetooth Address: Unavailable
    Up time: Currently at 3:14:42

    That night that I got the phone home, there was an OTA Update that kept popping up, so I went ahead and downloaded it. It took FOREVER. About 15 hours to download a 98MB OTA Update? That was psychotic to me...knowing that OTA updates with 3G twice as large had only taken about an hour, at the most. Woke up, and the Update was installed. Phone quit working. I took it back to the same guy at the mall. His reply was "Watch with the updates. Dat can mess stuff up. It work again now." He started to say something and I said "Don't even THINK about asking me for more money, when you already charged me more than TWICE what you said you would last night because of your own dumb a$$ f*ck up! It's YOUR fault, why should I have to pay for YOUR stupidity??" I then found out that he had someone working there a week prior who knew what they were doing, and nobody ever had issues with their phones after having HIM flash them to Page Plus. He quit. Gee, I wonder why...lol...

    So now, I'm stuck with this 1x data connection, which is sometimes white, sometimes blue. I have good voice and regular texting coverage in most places. But when anyone sends me a Multimedia Message, I hit Download, and it NEVER works. I have it set to automatically download MMS messages, but it still comes up with "Download" and "Reject" buttons. This thing is driving me insane with how slow it is. Takes forever to do ANYTHING with it. I'd love to put it on Net10, since their micro-SIM cards are $10, and I'd only be paying $50 a month, tops. However, I've been told that it won't work in the US...that GSM coverage is for use as a "World Phone" in case of traveling or whatever. Called Straight Talk, and had high hopes that would work. They said nope. So now I'm stuck with slowness, and people always messaging or calling back this OTHER number, and it IS someone's phone number. I'm guessing the person who traded it in or sold it to Mobile Phone Pros. Had it ported to a new phone, and somehow it's stuck on here, and showing up when I send MMS (and sometimes regular SMS) messages. I'm tempted to smash it, so someone please help!! I do like it. I think it's a nice phone. I like it a lot. That's why I got it to begin with. I like Androids. I think that if this one had been flashed properly, I would like it even more. I would DIE to get 3G on this phone. I turned the radio off then rebooted the phone, and it came back on. Did a Speedtest.net speed test, and before I did that, it was connecting to servers across the country and not even finishing the test. Now it's connecting to the same one my iPhone connected to, and running about 3x faster than it was (at times). But it's still super slow, and won't load anything data-related. The data is turned on. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I would rather not have to ROOT the phone, because the only 4 people I know who aren't retarded or anything, ended up bricking their phones that they had paid hundreds of dollars for. I'm just frustrated and would greatly appreciate any help. Sorry if I sound like a stupid noob or anything...when it comes to Androids, I kinda am. Thanks in advance for any and all help!!!

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